Welcome to the new site!

Thanks for visiting the new site – OMG, it’s been 5 years! This company and the designs are a true passion of mine – trust me, no burning desire to have a an apparel/gift company, or an e-commerce site.  The reason I started was because I was a wine lover, and a winery gift shopper, and why can’t I get cool swag?? So I figured I’d design it, and put it out there, and it has been amazingly fun to see people wear these designs – and to thank me. I love that.

This company/design came to me one night, soon after watching the movie “I Walk The Line” and I was drinking wine (naturally) and it was like a creative lightning strike that I knew I would see through (let’s face it, how many great ideas do we plan on acting on, but never do.) I found this note in a folder, when I first penned the name to paper (even my maiden name stationery!).









And I found this cocktail napkin from a lunch with my friend Doug, where I sketched out my cute Boxes design (it looks just like this!). I even wrote the date, place and friend because I knew I would be looking back on this!









I’m still looking for my first boot sketch, which looks just like my logo and now #1 design.  My graphic designer at the time was telling the world he created the logo, all in his own lone genius.  No, you put a vision to paper – I got the cocktail napkin to prove it – cauz I’m a saver like that 😉

Thanks a mil for all of the support, wearin’ my designs and walkin’ the vine!

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